Company of the Year Award


This award is decided by TechWorks / IC Resources – please see the main description for more details

The Company of the Year Award


IC 2016This award is made to a company of special recognition operating in the UK. It is an honour presented by TechWorks to a commercial organisation which stands out for good reason. For example it could be a company which has had a remarkable year (for example won a large piece of business), has extended its market appeal, is a consistent performer, is a good employer, is considered to be a good corporate citizen etc. We’re looking for a company we can celebrate as a UK success story and will consider nominated, self-nominated and other candidates identified during the regular work of TechWorks staff.
McLaren Electronic Systems, a relatively small company won the award in 2013 as they demonstrated how their technology was reaching more market segments beyond motorsports with significant export growth potential. Last year Renishaw won the award.

Award Criteria

Open to any public or private company, large or small, foreign-owned or UK headquartered, operating within the Electronic Systems eco-system: for example it includes OEMs (which utilise their own electronic systems capabilities to produce products/services), electronic product manufacturers, chip producers, IP, embedded software, tool vendors, suppliers and beyond.
Note: Companies do not have to be members of TechWorks to be nominated/apply/win.


Activity of special note must have taken place/originated in the UK


This award is decided in-house so there is no applications process available.