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SynopsysWe live in an exciting era of smarter devices, clever applications, and connected everything. Faced with tremendous pressure to build differentiated chips and develop robust code more quickly and cost-effectively than ever and with the increasing amount of embedded software in today’s devices, quality and security are top concerns.

The Synopsys “ Silicon to Software “ award will recognize the project that delivers the most advanced combination of differentiated hardware together with simultaneously designed and tested embedded software.

Entrants will demonstrate how they have achieved right-first-time system (hardware and software) functionality and accelerated time to market by using novel and emerging techniques including HW/SW co-design and co-verification, emulation and virtual, hybrid and FPGA based prototyping.  Use of IP and IP subsystems (including hardware and software elements) to fast-track development will be given special consideration.

The award winner will have demonstrated an understanding of the complex needs of today’s smart devices and will have successfully executed a project plan to bring the hardware and software aspects of the system to fruition at the earliest possible date.

Who can Apply?

Open to any electronics systems company which is based in and/or operates from UK/Ireland.

A significant proportion, or all, of the design work must have been carried out in the UK/Ireland.

The winner is expected to feature strongly in all of the above areas.

Online Application Form

The intent of the application process is to acquire sufficient evidence without being burdensome or overly bureaucratic to both applicants and judges. Award candidates are therefore encouraged to provide clear and concise information that is distinctly relevant to the award so that judges are not placed in a position of subjective interpretation.

Where you have worked as part of a team be sure to make it clear in the application how your achievements have been made – judges will not be able to make decisions on inconclusive evidence and will naturally frown upon information interpreted as misleading – therefore, if you worked as part of a team be explicit about what you have done and what was contributed by the team.

All accompanying information should be accurate at the time the application is submitted and should be unlikely to change adversely in a negative capacity in relation to the award before the end of the calendar year.

By submitting an application you confirm that you meet the eligibility criteria set out above.