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The University Research Group of the Year Award


This award is focused on university research groups that demonstrate excellent liaison & partnership with industry.
Judges will consider applications from University Departments have an electronics systems research programme that can demonstrate:

  1. World-Class Electronics Systems research that shows strength in depth.
  2. A successful research collaboration and partnership portfolio with industry
  3. Evidence of a strong skills and knowledge transfer record with industry, turning ideas into economic benefit.
  4. Evidence of helping the Electronics Systems skills pipeline through the training and development of industry-aware researchers.

The scope is limited to university groups that work within the field of Electronic Systems.

Online Application Form

The intent of the application process is to acquire sufficient evidence without being burdensome or overly bureaucratic to both applicants and judges. Award candidates are therefore encouraged to provide clear and concise information that is distinctly relevant to the award so that judges are not placed in a position of subjective interpretation.

Where you have worked as part of a team be sure to make it clear in the application how your achievements have been made – judges will not be able to make decisions on inconclusive evidence and will naturally frown upon information interpreted as misleading – therefore, if you worked as part of a team be explicit about what you have done and what was contributed by the team.

All accompanying information should be accurate at the time the application is submitted and should be unlikely to change adversely in a negative capacity in relation to the award before the end of the calendar year.

By submitting an application you confirm that you meet the eligibility criteria set out above.